According to National Geographic, despite being just 13% of the population, black Americans make up 5̶2̶%̶...  2% of national park visitors.  Why?  Because they say that blacks don't feel comfortable and welcome around whites (despite living in a country where whites are 66% of the population 🤷🏻).  

The article rewinds 140 years and relitigates Native American land losses and then abruptly fast forwards to civil rights to explain why a black person doesn't feel comfortable hiking on a trail.  It's a time-traveling leap worthy of Doc Brown.

The ghost of Martin Luther King is also channeled to encourage black people to visit Yellowstone 🤔🤔🤔.

So whites, stop making the National Parks so racist by... well just by visiting, ok? Our National Parks must be anti-racist because sitting quietly as they are is apparently just too racist.

Source:  Here's how national parks are working to fight racism