Multiple times a year when Apple launches an updated product line, they amp up the excitement by showing clips of people using their products.  The clips are always multicultural and frequently showcase young black millennials and Gen Z creating things with a black music backtrack.

"I could get used to this" -Token Apple Black Girl

Apple products are not cheap.  In fact, the price of their devices has put them out of reach for most working-class people in minority communities.  This makes their products a status symbol for people who should be spending money on bettering their life than convincing others their life is better than it really is.

Some of those people sacrifice a lot to buy a device.  Some of those people decide to steal them.  Places like NYC are seeing an ever-escalating trend of iPhone theft carried out by blacks.  Because iDevices are so expensive, they cross the boundary into grand larceny which carries felony penalties.  Blacks caught stealing iPhones are facing serious prison time all because of the demand created by Apple.

Just some black janitors cleaning an Apple Store

For all their wokeness and social justice virtue signaling, Apple is actually damaging black communities by creating an unhealthy demand and waving that carrot of an iPhone just out of reach.  Let's let them wrap their heads around that one.