A race-baiter in typical form

You may have noticed a trend for the last 10 years in the main media outlets.  Article after article have begun chipping away at American culture in the form of labeling almost anything as racist... that is, if you're a white person.  And if you happen to find something that isn't racist, just wait a few months as an article is probably on the schedule.

We at EverythingRacist.com have noticed this trend as well and we wanted to highlight the absurdity of this sustained attempt at social unraveling by cataloging the ludicrous claims written for clicks by media outlets desperate for ad revenue with the side effect of increasing the racial divide in the country.

Because many of these claims are written as clickbait, we link only to an archive.org snapshot of the site.  Doing this allows you to view the original article without giving those outlets the eyeballs or the ad revenue they crave.  It also prevents the content from being memory-holed should the winds of change start blowing against them.

Feel we're missing something?  Send us a link at:  submissions@everythingracist.com.